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people who say ”romantic love is what makes you human!!!!” are actually right. aromantic people are, in fact, gods in disguise, traveling in the human world to observe and study the humans and their weakpoints, in order to eventually eliminate them all and take over their world





Drawn By
Andrew Hickinbottom

*Artist Note
A homage to comic conventions, and a tribute to those brave attendees who cosplay in skimpy outfits!


Oh my god. the cardboard. The escaping hair. This picture is flawed and fucking FLAWLESS because of it.

I don’t always reblog art. But when I do, its a homage to cosplayers, sexy cosplay girlies included. <3

So much love for this illustration.


dolce & gabbana 2014 spring 

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    my latest illustration! an ode to my troubled love/hate relationship with clutter.

    Haha yes but not at CTconn (I've only been once due to scheduling and I was too shy to do anything or say anything to anyone)

    Whoa! Bruh! We met outside of CTCon! Oh man! I am so freaking curious to know you man!




    had this pretty wacky idea for a comic….its called stuck at home and these kids like to talk to each other on the internet and play games together. one day on a beautiful sunny afternoon they visit another planet because their bored idk and then they meet the zany cast of aliens who all teach respect and kindness. just an idea

    wow cool idea…just thought of some interesting kid designs


    nice……lets get this a kickstarter to make a game..

    Sweet!!!! I have an amethyst necklace I wear to get rid of headaches. The necklace also has a couple o fake Chinese coins an a little key on it that I got a CTconn

    Wow, that sounds hecka rad! I love mystical stuff! and!!! You go to CTCon? Have we met already?! :D








    A free-to-play online game about alien ninjas with guns… mostly men. There’s only 1 female alien option to choose, the other three options are obviously men. The game is also about getting to a strange planet and destroy their bases with long-range weapons like guns or just beat the hell out of the other aliens, while if you choose the female alien you can only follow the male aliens to revive them or give health and mana. This is a clear view on how aggressive and destructive men can be, and creates the idea that women are weak creatures only to help men out in their destructive behaviour. The story remains unclear as to why this aliens want to destroy other’s planets. Misogyny is universal and need to be stopped. 

    When you complain about a fucking video game because the women can’t kill people like the men (characters you don’t even know are men) you need a reality check

    If the genders in the game were reversed, men would probably murder a women or girl out of sheer rage. There is nothing wrong with her getting a LITTLE upset over this. Its pretty ridiculous.

    That is the most retarded thing I think
    I’ve ever read. Men see something they don’t like in a game and don’t play it. While you have to make a 3 paragraph rant on why it’s wrong

    This form of sexism exists in virtually every game. There is no ‘not playing these games’ for women. Every time I pick up a controller I am reminded why I need feminism. See things through our eyes. Would you really be okay with that?

    Okat, first of all, you know NOTHING about this game.

    Second, fucking read this. It exposes and debunks the lies OP said about this game.

    Warframe is one of the most gender neutral games I know, so please, before you actually judge it play it or fucking read about it.


    This post is complete, utter nonsense and is completely unfounded.

    First of all, let’s just get it straight that you do not play as aliens at all. Just had to get that off of my chest. Spoiler alert, there are no aliens in this game.

    More importantly, Warframe, a game made by Digital Extremes based in Canada is one of the most progressive free to plays I’ve ever picked up and I’ll tell you why.

    Each warframe is indeed ascribed a gender, however you say that it is overwhelmingly male? Here is a list of all the warframes released to date. Each warframe is released about two months apart, alternating EQUALLY between female warframes and male warframes. Actually, as it stands right now, there are MORE female warframes than male.

    You’ll further see on this list that the vast majority of their statistics (for health, armor, stamina, etc) are equal. There is no trend of females being weaker or less durable. In fact, the warframe with the highest armor rating is a female, sitting at a whopping 600, compared to most warframes with 65.

    You also claim that if you choose to play as the only female option to start that you can only “follow the male aliens to revive them or give health and mana”. At this point I’m seriously doubting if you even played the game.

    Mag, the female starter, is primarily a damage dealing warframe, her first and last abilities being some of the most effective at the start of the game. Her only support ability at all is to restore shields, but this also deals damage to certain enemies. And I really just don’t know what you mean by “following the male aliens” because this is a cooperative game that requires teamwork.

    The arguably highest damage dealer in the entire game is a female, Nova, able to clear entire rooms of enemies in a single shot. And the female warframes do not just work from the sidelines, either. Valkyr, the wraframe with the highest armor rating flies into an unstoppable rage and rips enemies apart with her energy claws.

    Honestly, I can not think of a better expression of femininity than that.

    So, really, I’m not seeing how the females are presented as only enabling the males to continue their destruction.

    Now that I’ve debunked your ridiculous accusations, let me make a few things clear. I appreciate and endorse people criticizing media and being aware/ spreading awareness of the issues they find , particularly in video games. This is an important thing for all of us to do. However, when you do this, you need to do it accurately and effectively, check your sources, and think in depth about what you’re saying. Otherwise you make those of us who are trying to do good by criticizing the things we love look stupid, which does not get us as a political and social movement anywhere.

    Now, I love this game- and because of that I am particularly critical of it myself. It is by no means perfect when it comes to gender. All of the female warframes have perfect breast-shapes in their armor, while the males actually have armor looking armor. Additionally, the healer/ support warframe is a female, continuing the trend in videogames of associating femininity with healing. (however this is only one of the many female warframes in the game, aaand, there is a male warframes that does heal as well.) I personally appreciate your attempt to criticize this game and point out its flaws, but you need to do it effectively. And I am no sage teacher, or expert in this, but I do do my best, and check my facts, and I think that you should do the same.

    Everything yanderesamantha said is brilliant and correct because she is brilliant and you should read what she wrote. She took the words out of my mouth.

    Lastly, I wanted to touch on the first responder to the OP. It is important to raise awareness of this- do not ridicule others for caring about things on a social level/ in a way that you do not.

    The point is, people, Warframe, while not perfect, is a brilliant game, and progressive and open in many ways, and I will not stand by and let it be criticized without fighting about it first.

    Wellll what's your favourite gem?

    Amethyst, because it’s purple!!



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